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Secrets of Ilfreia is set in the year 2060. Humans on Earth have succumbed to a mysterious disease, with no cure in sight. Meanwhile an archaeologist uncovers proof that once vampires, elves, werewolves and various mythical creatures once roamed the Earth. Due to persecution, they crossed a portal to Ilfreia in the 1400s to start a new home. Now, they discover their way back, but will they be able to save the humans, or does their return bring their downfall?


A separate planet connected by portals to Earth, populated by a wide variety of magical creatures. The dominant races are vampires, dragons, and elves, with the others living in subjugation of the former, or in secrecy. When conflict once again threatens to tear the planet apart, a return to Earth could be imminent for the survival of the races.


Only 50 years into the future, an illness which used to be incredibly rare has worsened over time to affect an alarming number of the population. Science has no leads on a cure. Meanwhile buried deep under European ruins, the first conclusive evidence of mythical creatures is unearthed. A small group of scientists investigate it in the hopes of a possible cure, though they unearth more than they bargained for.


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