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Secrets of Ilfreia Archive and Reboot
Jul 20, 2014
Most recent update is Page 126.

Due to some current computer problems I haven't been able to upload the next page just yet but page 127 will be up on July 26th, thanks for understanding! I am so excited to get this back underway. This comic was updated up until July 2012 and unfortunately went on hiatus as I was preoccupied with first school, and then a new job. The comic will continue where I left off, however don't be surprised if I go back through old pages and do some changes and updates to them here and there as I am able to. Enjoy!

This is the home of a fantasy webcomic about magical dragons, werewolves, elves, and many other creatures that escaped from planet Earth! With a new disease threatening to overwhelm the human population, will a return of these escaped creatures save the world, or destroy it?

For further info please feel free to browse the links at the top, or go into the archives to start at the beginning of the story.

Thanks for reading!